Dear Oakland Family,
     For quite some time now, I have been drawn more and more to how discipleship plays a part in our church and especially how God desires for discipleship to be at the forefront of His church.  After all, before he ascended to heaven, Jesus’ last command, called the “Great Commission” to His disciples (this includes us modern-day disciples, too!) in Matthew 28:18-20 was to make disciples.  Period.  It is not an option or even a choice, but rather it is Jesus’ command which we must carry out.  Disciples are not merely learners, but they are fruit-bearing disciple-makers; they multiply themselves.  Disciples make disciples who then make more disciples.
Our greatest avenue for making disciples is through our Sunday School program.  Within our classes, we are able to live out discipleship by TEACHING the Bible to change lives, REACHING the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and CARING for people through prayer, ministry, and fellowship.
So be on the lookout this month and the months to come for a greater and more intentional focus on discipleship.  If it was so important to Christ right before He ascended to heaven, then shouldn’t it be important to us as well?  Please be praying with me that God will show us the direction He will have us to go in our disciple-making process at OBC.  Some plans have already been made, and so you will be seeing these come to fruition this month and beyond.  Our mission is the Great Commission. In His love, let’s make a commitment this month to make disciples who make disciples.

Stephen Littleton, Minister of Education & Counseling