Mike Winfree, Senior Pastor
work: 478-923-3533
Email: mike@oaklandwr.com
Blog: http://www.oaklandwr.com/aboutus/from-the-pastors-desk/index.html

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Pastor Mike was born in Norfolk, Virginia and moved to Greensboro, N.C. and lived there until 1993. Pastor Mike grew up in a good but unchurched home and in his teenage years he began to experiment with drugs, alcohol and other things that teenagers were doing. This behavior led to trouble with the law and at age 17 Mike was ordered to serve prison time.

It was in prison where the Holy Spirit brought conviction and Pastor Mike trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior. In 1981 the Lord called him into full time ministry.

Pastor Mike married Jane in 1979. Mike and Jane have three daughters: Amy, Lindsay, and Courtney and four grandchildren: Thomas, Brandon, Callie and Caiden. In June 1993 Mike began serving as Associate Pastor at GABC. In November 2010 Mike began serving as Senior Pastor of Oakland Baptist Church.

Pastor Mike has been a student of God’s word since the day he was saved. His desire is to help others develop a passion for God through the study of and service to the word of God.