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Like most churches, at least 30% of our members are absent from the services each week for many different reasons.  Some are on vacation, sick, away at college, in the armed services, on work assignments, or even doing mission work.  All of them have missed hearing the message that God has put on the heart of our pastor.  With our Media Outreach Ministry, you can share that message with those missing members.  Just pick up a CD/DVD copy of the service and either deliver it personally, or have it mailed to them.  The Media team offers this free mailing service for you.
The 2016 “Live Nativity” DVD will be available the first week of February.  If you want a copy, please add your name to the signup sheet in the church vestibule. The new “Family Life Center” will soon be open and the Media team has been busy installing the audio/video system.  The Lord has really blessed us with this wonderful facility.  We hope to have a slideshow DVD available that will show the construction progress from ground breaking to finish.
Please pray that the OBC Media Outreach Ministry will continue to grow.

Love in Christ, James Crook
















































87th Homecoming

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Print this poster out and put it up in places you would like to invite people. 

Pastor Mike's Testimony

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Pastor Mike Winfree, Sr. Pastor of Oakland Baptist Church

Recorded on March 13, 2011