Many of you have continued to work through your Together in the Next Step Discipleship Challenges. Hopefully, you have been fully engaged in pursuing the challenges you choose. If you have any suggestions or comments on your experience, please feel free to share then with me. I am working on an update to add some new challenges, but it will be the end of July before I have them ready.
A.W. Tozer began his first book on the attributes of God with Colossians 3:3, “Your life is hidden with Christ in God.” As Christians, we are in God, and we will spend   eternity with God. Therefore, we need to know God. Paul said, his goal was to “know Christ and the power of his  resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering” (Philippians 3:10). What do we know about God? A lot of times, we function under preconceived ideas handed down to us by others who did not really know God. Other ideas, we come up with on our own. Most of these ideas are wrong.
There is only one standard for who God is. That standard is the Bible. One of the new Taste and See challenges looks at the attributes of God. It is important for us to let God’s Word inform us about God. Taste and See 3 on the attributes of God will give us a passage to help us meditate and understand a unique attribute of God’s character. Some of the topics include infinitude and immanence, justice and mercy, holiness and grace. We can all learn more about who God is through prayer, reading, and meditation.
Ray Bennett