It has only been a month and a half since we rolled out Together in the Next Step Discipleship Challenge. Hopefully, you have been fully engaged in pursuing the challenges you choose. If you finish a challenge, you can take up another one or start again. For example, I did the “4-week Intercessory Prayer challenge” and completed it. Now I have started it over again. As I pray, I note the day, date, and prayer subject in my journal; so that I can track my time.
I am also working through a new “Taste and See.” This is “Taste and Worship.” Michelle put together series of Scripture passages that focus on praise and worship. It helps us see the place that praise and worship hold within the Bible and our lives. It has been challenging and enriching. It will also be part of the next update of Together in the Next Step, that is due out sometime this summer.
One of the passages that I read recently was Psalm 111:1-6. Verse two says, “The works of the LORD are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them.” This verse encourages us to study the great works of God. God’s great works include creation, salvation, and sanctification. The first and primary place to study these works is in the Word of God. The Bible addresses all these issues and more.
Science does not contradict God’s work of creation. As we learned in Pastor Mike’s sermon series on Genesis, as more details are discovered in science, they show the imagination and creativity of God. Society does not contradict God’s work of salvation. As society advances with technologies and developments, humanity twists it with sinful practices. The need for God’s loving salvation through Jesus Christ is even more evident today. Psychology and technology do not contradict God’s work of sanctification. As they delve into the minds and behaviors of humanity, they show the need for the Holy Spirit to effect change in our lives through the Word of God. Sin continues to trip us up, but God’s Word provides forgiveness and freedom.
Ray Bennett