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Vacation Bible School

King's Kids Choir

Have you ever been burned-out?  Burn-out occurs when we give everything we have to a relationship, a job, or a ministry.  It is an indication of running on empty.  Once our vehicles run out of fuel, they too are at a dead stop. However, we do not just abandon the vehicle forever.  We put fuel in the tank and start it up once again. 
In ministry, many people give much time to serving,   emptying out what is inside.  Soon they begin to feel  burn-out and the enemy takes over.  Satan would have us to  believe that we have given all we have and it is time to step out of ministry.  He would tell us that we have done our part and that our service to God is finished. 
Romans 12:1 challenges us to present our bodies to the Lord as a living sacrifice.  We are the vehicle.  He is the fuel!  The fuel vanishes but what is needed is not abandonment, but fuel.  My prayer for all of you who teach and nurture our young children is that you find time to refuel!  Let His Word saturate your mind and renew your passion for service.  Keep a watch on your fuel tank so that drain-out does not occur. 
Every Sunday, 18 workers fill the needs in Sunday School, Children's Church, Nursery, and Children's Choir.  We have additional workers each Wednesday evening.  Our needs are great, but our God is a great supplier of all that we need when we seek Him.   May God pour out His blessings on all who pour out their life for His service! 
Upcoming events:
*  June 9-14 Vacation Bible School
*  June 14 Children's Choir will perform Treasure Island at our VBS Family Night
*  Thru July 31 Wild and Wacky Wednesdays  (Volunteers always welcome!)
*  July 12-14 Centrikid Camp (1st - 3rd Grade)    5 campers and 2 chaperones
Children's Choir will take a break for the summer. Activities will be provided for Pre-K through Kindergarten Sunday evenings in addition to the Nursery.  Volunteers needed.
* Teacher for Younger Children's Church - 2nd week of the month
We go through a lot of snacks in our King's Kids Ministries.  If you would be able to donate some pre-packaged snacks, water (small bottles), or bake some cookies or brownies, it would be much appreciated.  
Totally His,