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Vacation Bible School

King's Kids Choir

Psalm 63:1  "O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water."
In Children's Choir, we do a lot of singing.  The result?  Thirsty kiddos.  Hard work can make us hungry and thirsty.  Our children walk in a land where there is no water in     another sense.  Standards are different in our world.  There is no longer any absolute truth but instead it is relative to the situation.  Respect for authority is no longer "due" as stated in the Bible, but now it is "earned."  Each day, the foundation we are laying in our Children's classes is tested and many younger adults have chosen to agree with the world rather than with God's Word and have abandoned church. 
Children's Ministry is more important than ever before.  Our children come to class thirsty for truth, thirsty for peace, thirsty for love and acceptance.  Below are a list of current needs in our Children's Ministries.  Please pray about how you can invest in our little ones, providing them living water in the teaching of God's Word.  Consider devoting some of your time in Sunday School to teach our children about their God.  They represent the future of Oakland Baptist Church.  What we do today will determine what they do tomorrow.
Sunday School Assistant Teachers are needed in the  following classrooms:
> 2-3 year olds beginning in May
> K-2nd Grade
> 3rd-5th Grade
Short-term volunteer is needed to teach 3rd-5th grade class in June and July.
Older Children's Church needs an assistant teacher for the 4th Sunday of every month.
Upcoming events:
> April 19:Set up and decorate tables at 9am
> April 20:Outdoor crew to hide eggs at 9:30am
                EASTER EGG HUNT   11am - 1pm (0-12)
> May 10:Wild & Wacky Wednesday Volunteers meeting:  6:30 at Stevie B's on Watson
Totally His,