Many people are willing to call Jesus Savior. Not as many people are willing to call Him King. It’s my prayer that the Lord will be the “King of My Heart” as the song says. It can be challenging to give the Lord that sort of control in our lives. We want to be able to control our own destiny. Isn’t that what the world teaches? But our King is ALREADY in control. When we think otherwise, we are fooling ourselves.  “Let the King of my heart be the wind inside my sails. The anchor in the waves… The fire inside my veins. The echo of my days… He is my song.” We can trust this King because He is good. He gives us the strength that we need. He is our anchor when the storms of life come. I pray that He will be the passion that drives my life for all of my days. Praise God, He will never let us down!
We have begun rehearsals for our children’s musical, “Star of Wonder”. Practice is Sunday during the evening service. Be sure to bring your children so they can be part of this production. We are looking forward to how God is going to bless our church through this ministry!

Michelle Carrier