December is a busy month for us all. We will have our Children’s musical on December 16tat 6pm. The children have been working hard to learn songs, speaking parts, and dances. Please come out and support our kids. I know they are excited to show you what they have been working towards.
Before the arrival of Jesus, God’s people were promised the coming of the Messiah. During that time, I am sure there are many people who gave up on the possibility of a coming Savior. Caught up in the routine of daily life, people did not expect a miracle. Even when He did come, many missed it. But there were also those who were ready. They eagerly awaited the Christ, knowing God would fulfill His promise and they watched for the signs of His birth. They rejoiced when the Messiah came! God has also promised us that someday Christ will return. We do not know when that day will be, but Christmas is a reminder to me to be watchful and ready. As we celebrate the coming of Christ as a baby, may we also anticipate the day when He will return as our King and may we mean what we say when we sing, “O come, O come Emmanuel.”

Michelle Carrier