As we read the Old Testament, we see, time after time, the people of Israel worshipping false gods. It’s easy for us to read that and think that it is foolishness. How could God’s people  decide to worship a fake being after all that He has done for them? The truth is, we are all created to worship the Lord God. It’s part of our being. In fact, all of creation is meant to bring glory to God. So often, Satan takes what the Lord has given us for good and twists it for his own purposes. We were made to worship the Lord, but we turn our worship elsewhere. It may be money or family or even ourselves. Anytime that we put something above the Lord, it becomes an idol – a false god. It’s a big temptation for us to fall into the trap of idolatry because worship is a natural thing. That’s why it’s so important to check ourselves. Who or what am I worshipping today? God, the Almighty One, is the only One who actually deserves our worship.

Michelle Carrier