Our Easter Music Celebration is coming up on March 25.  I am thankful for all the hard work that our musicians have put in to prepare for this special event.  We have so many talented people who are willing and excited to share their gifts for the glory of God.  It is truly a blessing to work with all of you!
    Easter is my favorite holiday.  In the chaos of the world, I often find that I need to refocus on the foundation of my faith.  The message of the Gospel is simple, yet so powerful. Remembering what Christ did on the cross gets me through the day.  It reminds me that He loves me enough to take my punishment for sin willingly, so I can trust Him to care for the little things in life. He is strong enough to overcome death, so He can handle whatever situation I’m going through.  He is still alive today - our Great High Priest - so I can boldly approach the throne of grace.  We serve an awesome God!

Blessings, Michelle Carrier