Senior Adults/Singles

Soon, summer will be winding down and fall will replace it. The heat and humidity will be replaced with crisp mornings and as the leaves change, colorful afternoons. I love the fall, don’t you?

Just as a tree goes through seasons, we go through seasons of life. Just as a tree breaks through the soil, we are born and begin our journey in this world. We are dependent on our parents to feed us, to keep us clean and to teach us about life. God willing, we grow into an adult. Many adults get married, have kids, grandkids as they continue to mature. All of the stages are new seasons. As Seniors, we have entered into another season of life. There is one final season. It’s that eternal season. Are you ready for that season?  Knowing Jesus is the only way to be ready.

Many of us can’t do what we use to do but we can pray and we can read the word. We can call people or write an encouraging note. We can be faithful to a Sunday School class.

Wow! The Silver Sneakers are having great attendance each week. Mary and Judy are doing a fantastic job. Invite a friend or neighbor and join them each Monday. It’s an excellent way to reach others.

Don’t forget our luncheon on Sep. 13 @ Noon. Invite a friend and join us for food & fellowship. The meal will be casseroles and dessert. You can bring one or both.
Pete, Mary & Judy