Senior Adults/Singles

     I sure am looking forward to Fall.  Have you ever looked at the trees and just marveled at the way God created these trees for our entertainment in the beautiful season. 
             The Silver Sneakers are taking a break until the first of the new year to make way for all of the activities taking place between now and the New Year.  They will be exercising again in January.  It is a fun time and at the same time it helps the body!
             We are taking a trip to Guido Gardens on the 18th of October. Leaving the church at 8:00am.  We will be having a meal before we get back, so come prepared. This is a great Garden with plenty of places to take pictures. 
In November, we will be going to the Mall of  Atlanta to do some Christmas shopping.  You won’t want to miss that trip.  Don’t forget to sign up on the bulletin board for both trips.  The first 14 get the trip. 
Senior Ministry Team, Pete, Mary, and Judy