Senior Adults/Singles

This year is certainly moving very fast and is already halfway over.  God is so good all of the time.  Don’t you just want to get up every morning praising Him for allowing you to experience His wonderful creation?  You have 2 choices each day….get up in a happy mood and enjoy the day that lies ahead, or get up in a grumpy mood and be sad and miserable all day.  Now just which one do you want to do?  I want to praise God and be a happy camper.  Don’t you?
     If you haven’t signed up for the September trip to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, please sign up soon.  If you are fearful of all the walking involved, there are manual wheel chairs and electric convenience vehicles available to rent.  It is amazing how large the Ark is and it will be exciting to experience how Noah and his family lived inside it. And the Creation Museum will be just as exciting. So, come go with us!  For all those planning to make the trip, the first payment of $142.50 is due by July 16.

Pete Soots, Seniors Ministry Committee Chairman