Mr. Bible Study Speaks Out

Don’t you love this fall weather?  I sure do. This cool, brisk weather is a good time to brew a cup of coffee and go out on the back porch with your copy of the Word and spend a few minutes reading and meditating on our marvelous Lord.  Then you might want to ask Him to put someone in your path that you could talk to about Him.  You could tell them how much He as done for you and what He means to you.  God has commanded us to go out into the highways and byways and compel people to come in.  We need to be about doing that.
Don’t forget that Revival is just around the corner, and Bro. Bob Pitman is one fine preacher.  He brings the Word to you in such a simple manner and in a way that touches your heart.  Plan on being here each service to hear him.  You won’t regret coming.
God tells us in His Word that if two or more gather together in His name and ask Him for a need that we agree on, He will provide it.  We have gathered and prayed about this new building and He is providing!
Last, but not least, I want to encourage you to come to Sunday School each Sunday.  It is an hour of encouragement as we come together.  It is where you get a better understanding of His Word.  If you have gotten out of the habit of coming, make this Sunday the day you start back.  Hope to see you Sunday.

Love in Christ, 
Pete Soots, Sunday School Director