September went well in YOBC.  Water Wars was a blast, of water that is.  Basically, multiple games involving water ending in a massive water balloon fight.  Our youth did an absolutely an amazing job serving at the Live Nativity steak dinner.  Thank you to everyone who recognized their sacrifice and service as that goes a long way to teach them the importance of serving.
             In AWANAs, Trek and Journey continues to be an awesome learning experience for our youth.  We our addressing how Scripture can be used to address their every day issues and conflicts.  Wednesday nights are a great time for our youth to meet and discuss these issues in a pace where they will get solid answers based on Scripture.
In Sunday School, we have been discussing how to make an Impact on a daily basis as you go about your usual routine.  We will then move into some “Answers in  Genesis” lessons.  During YES, we continue to work through the book of Judges.
We have many fun and amazing Fall and Winter events coming up and are in the process of planning some pretty awesome and new events for next year.  We don’t have any events in October because Judgment Journey has been moved to November 3rd from 4pm to midnight.  The cost will be $10 and will include a trail that depicts a    Scriptural representation of the end times.
As always, YOBC is a great place to bring your friends so that they may too join in the fun, fellowship, and deeper walk with God.

In Christ,
Bryan Carrier


 I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13


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