The Missions Team is making plans to hit the road running in 2019.  The team is finalizing plans to reach out to our Middle Schools and Elementary schools in the local area.  We need to show our teachers that we love them and appreciate the work they do in bringing the best education that is afforded to our children.  We have been asked to help mentor children in  subject matter courses.  If you have experience in Math,   English, or Reading, please contact Pete Soots, Nita Boyett, Dean Mantz, Karan Fowler, or Bill Wilmoth. 
Bill Wilmoth and Sandra Jones are currently working with the Lodge to meet, befriend,  socialize and help residents at the home.  If you would like to help participate in this endeavor or have questions please speak with them for more info.  These people are often in one of these homes and have very few visitors.  They cherish the idea to have someone stop by and offer to talk to them.  Become a missions minded person.  Join us in making 2019 a great New Year.

Pete Soots, Chairman of the Missions Team