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Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike on April 1, 2020
Dear Church, I’m so glad God is on His throne ruling and reigning, aren’t you? I’m also glad as believer’s, we can communicate through prayer to Him, and know that He hears us and will answer us. “I will never leave you nor forsake you”, He said. He is right here with us during this corona virus pandemic. If you need anything...
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A little bit of everything

by Pastor Mike on March 2, 2020
Dear Church, It was good to see Sunday School back up this past Sunday. A lot of that having to do with the Live Nativity breakfast. The breakfast was great and a special thanks to the biscuit...
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Let's Get At It

by Pastor Mike on February 1, 2020
Dear Church, The first month of 2020 is gone. How did you do? Did you set any objectives? Did you reach them? If you did, great job. If you didn’t, evaluate to see why....
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by Pastor Mike on January 1, 2020
Another year has come and gone. God certainly has been good to us. Some have read their Bible through for the very first time. Congratulations to all who did that for the first time or more. God...
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Christmas Traditions

by Pastor Mike on December 1, 2019
Dear Church, All of us I’m sure have Christmas traditions. The key is to keep Christ central in our celebration of Christmas. Gary Chapman wrote a book entitled “The 5 love languages.” In...
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Busiest time of year

by Pastor Mike on November 1, 2019
Dear Church,Jane and I want to thank you for the love gift you gave us. It is our privilege to serve along side all of you. You are great people and we love you dearly. Our prayer is that God...
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Homecoming 2019

by Pastor Mike on October 1, 2019
Dear Church, Many of you will receive this before our movie night. A lot of work has gone into this activity already and we are believing God for a great night. What will help to make it great...
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Growing Pains

by Pastor Mike Winfree on September 3, 2019
Dear Church, Have you ever heard of growing pains? I’m not talking about the television show. I’m talking about pain in the legs of kids when they are growing. Parents rub the kid’s legs to ease...
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Spirit of God

by Pastor Mike Winfree on August 1, 2019
Dear Church, If you were here this past Sunday, you know the Spirit of God was in our service. He used Michelle, Altared Praise, the Choir and our instrumentalist to lead out in worship. He...
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Let the Church be the Church

by Pastor Mike Winfree on July 1, 2019
Dear Church, In a few weeks I will begin a new series I’m calling “Let the Church be the Church”. It is the study through First Corinthians. The lessons and principles certainly apply to today’s...
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by Pastor Mike Winfree on June 3, 2019
Dear Church, A few weeks ago, about 30 of us went to the community, next door and we placed bags of information, talked with many, prayed with many, collected hundreds of cans of food to be given...
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Neighborhood Reach

by Pastor Mike Winfree on May 1, 2019
Dear Church, Wow! That is the word that describes the last couple of weeks. Our music ministry knocked it out of the park with their Easter celebration. Thanks to Michelle for a job well done....
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Discipleship Challenge

by Pastor Mike Winfree on April 1, 2019
In the Discipleship Challenge book I chose the gratitude challenge. It’s a 30 day challenge to find something that the Lord has blessed you with and to thank Him for it. One of the things I’m...
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Revival 2019

by Pastor Mike Winfree on March 1, 2019
Have you ever been so excited about something that you could hardly wait for it to happen? Well, that is how I have been waiting for our revival meetings with Bucky Kennedy and Mike Stone. Both of...
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Are You On Track?

by Pastor Mike Winfree on February 1, 2019
Dear Church, How is it going in the start of the New Year? Are you having that daily quiet time with the Lord each day? If you set a plan to read through the Bible this year, are you on...
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