A great big "Thank You" goes out to all who made the Live Nativity Steak/Chicken Dinner and Auction so successful.  The grill team, the kitchen crew, the music, the Youth servers, the decorators  etc. all did a wonderful job.  The devil was in the planning and prep work, but the Lord saw things thru, as He always does.  All who came to enjoy the meal and fellowship as well as the Auction was so appreciated.  Now, it is on to building the set and practicing.  The Cast and Crew Sheet is on the bulletin board.  If you see you are in a position that needs to change, please see me or Nita to get that handled.  If you are not signed up to be in the Live Nativity, and would like to take part, also please see me or Nita about that.  The Costume Fitting Sheet and Practice Schedule is also on the bulletin board with all dates and times.  No fittings or practices will begin until November.  Right now, anyone in the production should make sure they have the correct shoes (sandals/white shoes).  We will have a meeting soon with all information.  As always, please pray for the Live Nativity that someone will come to know Jesus thru this presentation.
Your Very Excited Servant,
Mary Crook