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Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on June 3, 2019
Dear Church, A few weeks ago, about 30 of us went to the community, next door and we placed bags of information, talked with many, prayed with many, collected hundreds of cans of food to be given out to the less fortunate. We also invited them to church. That was one contact per home, 530 homes. It was a great outreach effort. Thanks to all of...
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Neighborhood Reach

by Pastor Mike Winfree on May 1, 2019
Dear Church, Wow! That is the word that describes the last couple of weeks. Our music ministry knocked it out of the park with their Easter celebration. Thanks to Michelle for a job well done....
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Discipleship Challenge

by Pastor Mike Winfree on April 1, 2019
In the Discipleship Challenge book I chose the gratitude challenge. It’s a 30 day challenge to find something that the Lord has blessed you with and to thank Him for it. One of the things I’m...
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Revival 2019

by Pastor Mike Winfree on March 1, 2019
Have you ever been so excited about something that you could hardly wait for it to happen? Well, that is how I have been waiting for our revival meetings with Bucky Kennedy and Mike Stone. Both of...
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Are You On Track?

by Pastor Mike Winfree on February 1, 2019
Dear Church, How is it going in the start of the New Year? Are you having that daily quiet time with the Lord each day? If you set a plan to read through the Bible this year, are you on...
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by Mike Winfree on January 1, 2019
Dear Church, Another year has come and gone. It’s a time to reflect on our lives and what we had set out to do at the beginning of the year. Maybe it was to read the Bible through or to help...
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Favorite Time of the Year

by Pastor Mike Winfree on December 3, 2018
Dear Church, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We certainly did. It comes and goes so fast, then it’s time to move right into the Christmas season, which is one of my favorite times...
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by Pastor Mike Winfree on November 6, 2018
Dear Church Family, Jane and I want to thank you for the kind words, cards and gifts we received for Pastor Appreciation. We love each of you and count it an honor to serve along side you in the...
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Victory in Jesus

by Pastor Mike Winfree on October 1, 2018
Dear Church, Do you have Victory in Jesus? I was reading that hymn this morning. It’s one of my favorites. He is the victor. He gives us the victory. “I heard an old, old story, how a...
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Many Thanks!

by Pastor Mike Winfree on September 1, 2018
I was sitting at my desk having my Bible reading and prayer time with the Lord and I sensed the Lord telling me to be still, so I obeyed. As I sat there waiting on God, my soul was flooded with...
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Word of God

by Pastor Mike Winfree on August 1, 2018
Don’t you just love the Word of God? Martin Luther once said, “No clearer speech has been heard on Earth than what God has spoken.” I’m seeing a greater hunger for the things of God in our...
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Office changes

by Pastor Mike Winfree on July 2, 2018
Dear Church, Thank you for showing your support to Linda at her retirement celebration. She is well deserving. She started working here on November 24, 1999 and her full time position...
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by Pastor Mike Winfree on June 5, 2018
Dear Church, The trip to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter was absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to one and all. The highlight for me was hearing Ken Ham. He is the president...
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True Change

by Pastor Mike Winfree on May 13, 2018
Dear Church, I was looking through a book that was published in 1994 (24 years ago) and it was so relevant for today. It talked about the post-Christian era of America. I thought if that...
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Kick-off Sunday...

by Pastor Mike Winfree on April 18, 2018
Dear Church, If you were not able to come to the Easter Celebration that Michelle and the music ministry presented, you missed a great time of worship. I want to say to all who had a part,...
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