From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on January 31, 2012

 Dear Church Family,

       A few Sundays ago I shared with the church all God had allowed us to accomplish in 2011.  I then shared plans for 2012.  I shared how we need to continue to build on worship, prayer, witnessing, discipling and fellowship.  I am calling 2012 “The Year of Commitment”.  As we think of strengthening these five areas, it will take commitment.  We will need to take advantage of every opportunity we have in each of these areas.  I asked each person to be here one more Sunday than the year before,  I said I would lead out in that effort.  I cancelled my trip to the  Pastors’ Conference this year so I could be  here.

I see the Lord working in so many ways. People are reading their Bibles more, studying Christian    material, praying more, witnessing and ministering to others.The church is being the church.

We have some opportunities before us. The purchase of a new bus, the building of a building to free up space to be used for Sunday School and other things we will be sharing as the year progresses.  All of these things will require money. We all need to be faithful to our Lord in giving so we can accomplish all He has for us to do.

Serving the Savior,

Pastor Mike