From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


A Loan and a Building

by Pastor Mike Winfree on June 1, 2016
Dear Church Family,
       I just received the final guaranteed price on the building at $772,896.00 which is under the original price.  We, as a church, approved $780,000.  They are getting the building permits and we are working to finalize the loan.  Construction should begin in a few weeks.  Thank you for praying and giving.  Keep on doing both as we see this building erected for His glory.
       I read recently about the veteran tightrope walker who, after demonstrating he could push a wheel barrow filled with sand across Niagara Falls on a tightrope with the people applauding his stunning ability, asked for a volunteer.  Not one of the spectators moved. Finally, a little old man raised his hand and stepped forward and said, “I’ve seen what you’ve done, and I’ve heard what you’ve said.  I believe you can push me across, so I’ll do it.” 
Everyone in the crowd held their breath as the wheelbarrow was rolled over the falls and back again.  The crowd’s roar was deafening as the little old man emerged from the wheelbarrow.  The tight rope walker said to the man, “Thank you, sir, for your faith in me.”
Everyone in the crowd said they believed the tightrope walker could carry a man across the falls in a wheelbarrow...only the old man demonstrated real faith by climbing into the wheel barrow.  Real faith backs up our words with action.  I want to be one who gets into the wheelbarrow.  I want to have actions to my words.  It’s easy to say we believe, but the truth lies in our action to what we say we believe.  I’m believing God for great and mighty things at OBC.  Will you join me?

Serving the Savior, Pastor Mike