From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Blessed by God

by Pastor Mike Winfree on September 1, 2011

Dear Church Family,

        As I sit at my desk this morning, I am praying, thinking, and meditating on the goodness of God and how blessed I am. The Lord saved me and called me to preach.  He blessed me with a great wife and family.  He blessed me with a wonderful church to pastor.  The Lord guides my life and forgives me when I do wrong.  He loves me beyond measure.  He promised me a perfect place to live when I die.  What more could a person ask for?  “Thank You, Lord!”

Thank you, church, for your faithfulness to be at church each week eager to hear from heaven.  Thank you for your spirit to serve.  It seems that whatever you are asked to do, you do it.  You are a loving, caring body and I thank God for each of you.

I want to encourage you to be in prayer for our upcoming Revival meetings with Rev. Tim Millwood and Music Evangelist, Jeff Cleghorn.  Ask God to begin preparing you to receive His message in your heart, and pray that God will prepare these men to be used of God when they are with us.  When Revival comes, there will be repentance in the people of God.  Lives will be changed and I believe, as a result, souls will begin to be saved.  Let’s believe God in these days for these things.

Serving the Savior, Pastor Mike