From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Building Together as One

by Pastor Mike Winfree on May 8, 2015
Dear Church Family,
        Our “Building Together As One” Banquet was a great time together.  We had good food, we heard new talent as they ministered to us through song, and then I challenged us to “Bountiful Living Through Bountiful Giving”.  Many pledged that night to give toward the Building Campaign.  Others took their commitment cards home to continue praying about what they should give.  Some of you were not able to make it to the banquet and you do not have a commitment card.  You can see me and I will be glad to give you one.  The goal is everyone doing their part.  With the money we have in the bank and the commitments made, we have $314,309.00 pledged.  Some of you have been giving already, however, May 3 will be our Kick-off Sunday.  I’m asking each person to come prepared to give a special gift that Sunday to start the campaign.  God is at work and we will see this building erected.
I want to say a word about Sunday School.  I was a Minister of Education for years and I have worked with churches to have a vibrant Sunday School.  Recent statistics show that small group Bible Studies are still the tool of thriving churches.  They will only be that if they are organized, making contacts of members and prospects and being faithful to attend regularly.  Every member of the Sunday School must do their part to make it a great experience.  Would you make a commitment to do your part to encourage people to be in Sunday School each week?  Encourage your teachers who study each week to teach you by being faithful in attendance.
God is going to do a new thing here, at Oakland Baptist Church and I give Him all the praise for it all.

Serving the Savior,
Pastor Mike