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Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on December 1, 2014
Dear Church Family,
       As long as we keep Christ central in our celebration of Christmas, is there anything wrong with celebrating Christmas using the traditions of our culture? 
       In his book, “the Five Love Languages,” Gary Chapman describes ways people communicate their love toward one another.  “Words of affirmations, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch” are the five love languages.
These are also the elements of our Christmas traditions. We speak words of affirmation and share love with one another.  We spend quality time together.  We give and receive gifts.  Many are  chosen after great labor and thought have gone into them.  We do acts of service, such as putting toys together or preparing the perfect meal.  In doing these things, we express our love to one another.  We hold children, hug one another and even say, “I love you”.
I will join the critics of Christmas and say it is possible to over-shop and over-spend, but I must look at the intent and realize that its is impossible to over-love. 
Some will miss the mark and spend all their time and energy following traditions and miss the wonder of Christmas.  That’s a tragedy when Christ is left out of Christmas. Others, on the other hand, will remember the mystery of God becoming man and ponder the love of God who gave the best gift of all, salvation through Jesus Christ.
Enjoy your family, enjoy your traditions, and enjoy the wonder that God became man to save us from our sins. 
“Today in the town of David, a Savior has been born to you, He is Christ the Lord.”  Luke 2:11 
Merry Christmas!

Serving the Savior, 
Pastor Mike