From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Cloud 9

by Pastor Mike Winfree on April 28, 2014
Dear Church Family,
 Have you ever been up on “Cloud 9”?  That is where I find myself this morning.  I am encouraged beyond measure.  Why, you might ask?  Because churches across this land fuss and fight their way through a church business meeting.  Last night, in our meeting, we had clapping, laughter, encouraging words, a togetherness of spirit.  The church voted to replace the speakers in the Sanctuary.  They voted to move forward with the building project by allowing the architect to draw up the plans for the building.  A number of policies were put in place to help protect us as a church related to finances.  Over all, it was a great meeting. Thank you, church, for being the church that wants to honor God.
 I also talked briefly about “faithfulness”.  God is looking for His children to be faithful.  Some of the ways we can do that is by being faithful in our prayer life, Bible study, praise, and service to Him.  One other way is by being faithful in our attendance to church.  As I said in my message, we miss you when you are not here.  I miss my family when I don’t see them, and the church family is no different.  Our consistency has gotten slack lately.  Be an encouragement to your church by being here regularly...Sunday mornings, Sunday nights and Wednesdays.  One last thing...invite, invite, invite!  Ask people to come to church with you.  Make it personal.  Let’s be God’s hands and feet and voice.  This world needs Jesus.
Serving the Savior, Pastor Mike