From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Community Groups

by Pastor Mike Winfree on July 29, 2021

Dear Church,


A survey was taken amongst people who were looking for a church, and they were asked, what do you look for? Do you look for a friendly church? The survey showed they did, but they looked for much more than that. They were looking for a church where they could make friends. Sunday School has always been a place where that could happen.  The name “Sunday School” has become outdated, not Bible Study, but the name. If you wanted to have a Bible Study on Thursday for instance, you wouldn’t call it “Sunday School” because it’s not on Sunday. I was a Minister of Education for years and Sunday School was my thing. I did everything I could to get people to come to Sunday School.

A better name for it today is “Community Groups”. No matter when you have a class, Sunday, Monday or any other day, the goal is to get people tied into a “Community Group”  where they can make friends, so, from this point forward you will hear Sunday School called Community Groups. We want new people to be able to find their place.

We have great teachers leading our Community Groups, from bed babies to our Senior Adults. Thank you teachers for all you do. If you know someone who is not involved in a Community Group, invite them to yours or tell another teacher where they might fit in so we can reach them for Christ.

We have some work to do to build these groups back up since the Covid-19 shut down.

A reminder, the church approved to have a new air unit put in downstairs of the Sanctuary. We have raised around $2,600 so far. The goal is $7,380. Thank you for your faithfulness.


Serving the Savior,

Pastor Mike