From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on March 8, 2016
Dear Church Family,
       I just finished meeting with Parrish Construction and going over the plans for our multipurpose building.  They are going to send each phase of the building out for bids from the sub-contractors. If everything goes as planned, they said they would begin the construction in the middle to end of April.  They are allowing seven months for completion.  We could and should be in it by December of this year.
       Be much in prayer during these days of construction for good weather, safety for the workers and for no glitches! It is a must that we are faithful during these days in our giving-in our tithing and in our building fund giving.  After it is finished, it will still need to be paid for.
I want to thank each of you who have been faithful to Sunday School over the last few months.  A strong Sunday School is a sign of a strong church.  If you are reading this and have not been attending our Sunday morning Bible Study, make a commitment to be here this Sunday at 9:15am.
I just finished a book by Thom Rainer called, “I Will”.  He said, “We have to stop saying, ‘I won’t’ and start saying, ‘I will’.  I will read my Bible.  I will pray.  I will encourage someone. I will get up and go to church today.  I will give abundantly.  I will invite someone to come with me to church.” Let’s all put on our “I will” and be faithful to our Lord.

Serving the Savior, 
Pastor Mike