From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on July 4, 2015
Dear Church Family,
        As you read this newsletter, my family and I are away on vacation to get some rest and relaxation.  Our first stop will be in Charleston where nine people were gunned down while having a Bible Study.  Our next stop will be in Oak Island where the two kids were attacked by sharks.  Swimming there should be very interesting.  Did I mention we are away for rest and relaxation?  There will be 28 of us in our house eating I can’t tell you how many pounds of food, cutting up and having the time of our lives.
I want you to know that while I am having a great time away with my family, I will miss my church family.  I love being with all of you.  You are a great group of people and I am blessed to have the privilege to serve with you.
God is doing some amazing things at Oakland.  Souls are being saved, God has sent us some key people to serve in our AWANA ministry, our Youth ministry, our choir.  We set a record in attendance at our last Men’s Meeting in May.  God has provided us with another bus.  We already have over $200,000 dollars in our building fund.  God has answered so many prayers since we started our prayer ministry.  Keep it up!
Every Sunday, people come to church expecting God to do something.  I’ve had people say, “I wonder what God is going to do today”?  That’s what faith will will cause you to believe God for the next thing or something even greater.  Let’s not grow weary in well doing.  Pray for the lost by name, invite people, and be here every time the doors are open, or you might just miss what God will do!

Serving the Savior,
Pastor Mike