From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on October 16, 2017
Dear Church,
        Thank you for your faithfulness.  There are those of you who are inviting people and we are seeing new faces each week.  There are many new faces in the choir.  People are volunteering every time we need something done.  We just had one of our largest gatherings at the Live Nativity Steak Supper where we raised close to $4,000.00 to support the Live Nativity ministry.  Again, thank you, church, for your support and cooperation.
        Once again, I want to remind you of our 93rd Homecoming, October 1.  It is also the beginning of our Revival meetings with Buck Kennedy.  He will be here Sunday morning through Wednesday evening.  Remember all adults will meet in the sanctuary for Sunday School.  Invite as many as you can.  We have set a goal of 160 in Sunday School.
We are having “growing pains” in our Sunday School.  We need someone to serve in the bed babies, and it won’t be long before we will need to create a new class in our children’s department.  Pray and ask God if you would be the one to serve in any of these areas.
Our music ministry is expanding and I can’t wait until the choir is completely full.  If you have the talent to sing or play an instrument, please consider seeing Michelle about where you can be used.
Lastly, we are starting back our Tuesday night Prayer Meeting.  God has used that ministry mightily.  I have missed it and others have said that they have too.  We have those who have volunteered to keep the nursery, so those of you who have kids can join us.  I promise it will be one of the greatest things you will be a part of.  I’ll see you Sunday with a Bible in your hand and a friend by your side.

Serving the Savior, Pastor Mike