From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Fan of Jesus?

by Pastor Mike Winfree on June 5, 2012

 Dear Church Family,

       Do you consider following Jesus as just a bunch of rules and regulations you have to keep?  I hope not, because being a follower of Jesus Christ is so much more than that.

       Recently I read a book by Kyle Idleman titled “Not a Fan”. Kyle is a pastor at the fifth largest church in America and one day he was sitting in the sanctuary wondering what he was going to preach to his congregation on Easter Sunday.  He didn’t want to just preach a message.  He wanted to preach a message that impacted and made a difference in peoples’ lives.  He realized that the only thing that mattered to Jesus when He was ministering to people was the level of their commitment. 

    Some people have a Jesus fish on the back of their cars, but they are not committed.  Jesus asked one man to sell all that he had and give it to the poor and come follow him.  One man said he would follow Jesus but first he had to bury his father, who was well at the time.  Many have made a decision without making a commitment to follow Jesus.  Fans grow tired of trying to maintain an outer appearance that doesn’t match inner passion.  If you are a fan, consider becoming a follower of Jesus.

Serving the Savior,

Pastor Mike