From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike on June 7, 2021

Dear Church,


We have some wonderful kids. Kids can be a handful at times. Sometimes they don’t listen or do what you say. Remember adults, we don’t always listen and do what the Lord tells us to do, either. God still loves us and we still love these kids. I want to thank each person who works with our Kings Kids. It is a special calling and they are worth it. We get the opportunity to pour Jesus into their lives.

The Awana Year-End event was great! Everyone had a great time watching all the creatively made cars that raced down the track. I might have to make one next year. Pray for our children’s workers and prayerfully consider serving in the children’s ministry. See Debbie Bennett if you’re interested.

I had the privilege of talking to many guest over the last several weeks, Some have enrolled in Sunday School. Others are attending Morning Worship. Remember, people are not necessarily looking for a friendly church but a place where they can make friends. Are you open to having a new friend in your life? I’m praying God will fill this place up to overflowing.

Fathers, this is your month to be recognized for what you do. Thank you men for all you do with your families and what you do in service here at Oakland. Many of you are setting a great example as to how you serve the Lord through the local church. Don’t forget the breakfast the ladies are serving us on Father’s Day. Sign up on the bulletin board so they will know how many.

Last, Who’s Your One? Have you found one? Are you praying for them? Have you invited them to church? Remember, everyone needs the Lord in their life. Let’s be concerned about the souls of others.


Serving the Savior,

Pastor Mike