From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on October 26, 2011


Dear Church Family,

        When I think of our revival meetings we just had with Rev. Tim Millwood and Music Evangelist, Jeff Cleghorn, two things come to mind: 1. God is awesome and 2. God is in our midst.  I believe we are going to see God do some amazing things because of the obedience of His people.  As a matter of fact, we already are.  Last night after the Sunday night service, a young man gave his life to Christ in my office.  Many joined the church in October; almost 60 people (both men and women) have signed up for the Bible Study, “Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days” by Kay Arthur.

God is blessing, however, there are always areas we could improve in.  One of those areas is in Sunday School attendance.  We have seen an 11% increase in attendance over the last year.  We are at one of those cross roads that I have mentioned from time to time.  In Sunday School, it is the cross road of being faithful in attendance week after week.  We are working hard to move departments and we are making improvements throughout our facilities to make them more attractive and usable.  In the days ahead, space will become a challenge and everyone’s cooperation will be needed in order for us to move forward.

Lastly, let me say what a joy it has been this past year serving alongside you dear folks.  You are truly a blessing to my family and me.  I look forward to many more years together serving our Lord and Savior.

Serving the Savior, Pastor Mike