From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Kick-off Sunday...

by Pastor Mike Winfree on April 18, 2018
Dear Church,
       If you were not able to come to the Easter Celebration that Michelle and the music ministry presented, you missed a great time of worship.  I want to say to all who had a part, “Thank you” for your dedication to this vital ministry.  You were great and I thank the Lord for each of you.
       “Living the Vision” is off to a great start.  To date, we are at 67% committed in our pledges. We are believing God for 100%.  May 6, 2018 will be our Kick-off Sunday to begin giving to the “Living the Vision” Campaign.  On that day I’m asking everyone to bring a special gift to kick off our commitment to “Living the vision”.  Address your giving to the Building Fund.
Posted on the bulletin board is a list of other projects to be completed.  They are listed in priority order.  If we all will give a little or a lot to these projects, we will see them completed one by one.  If you are giving to these projects, address your giving to the Property Fund.
I always look forward to this time of year when things are blooming and the air is warming; birds are singing; and it seems that people have more pep in their step.  It was at this time of year when things were coming alive, that Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose on the third day.  He had accomplished what He was sent to earth to do, to pay the price for mankind’s sins.  The least we can do is be in church to celebrate what He did for us.  Invite friends, relatives, neighbors, and associates to come with you to our Easter Sunrise service, breakfast, Sunday School and morning worship. It is going to be a great morning.  I look forward to seeing you with a smile on your face and a Bible in your hand.

Serving the Savior, Pastor Mike