From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Let's Get At It

by Pastor Mike on February 1, 2020

Dear Church,


The first month of 2020 is gone. How did you do? Did you set any objectives? Did you reach them? If you did, great job. If you didn’t, evaluate to see why. Readjust and press toward the mark in February. We must not quit or give up. We must not let the devil win. You can do it!

From our children to our Senior Adults, there are  opportunities to grow. Take advantage of all that is offered to you through the ministries of Oakland. Remember our theme for the year “Walk by faith not by sight.” Allow God to stretch you this year. Let’s be a church that challenges and encourages each other to be all we can be for Christ. It is easy to sit and do nothing, but it is rewarding when we get up and accomplish what we know God wants us to do. The Bible says, “ we are to encourage one another to love and good good works.” Let’s be that church that exhorts one another. It’s called accountability. We all need people in our lives who hold us accountable.

I heard Bill Purvis say recently that “every living thing is meant to grow and reproduce.” He said, “the church has to move out.” Our mindset has to be about inviting people to church. People need the Lord. We are God’s hands, feet & voice. Pick up some church cards from the welcome center and invite people to church. I am believing God for more guest, new members, souls being saved and baptized, more people reading the Word of God this year, people growing in their faith, people being free to worship God and giving Him praise. May God be God in and through us.


Serving the Savior,

Pastor Mike