From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Many Thanks!

by Pastor Mike Winfree on September 1, 2018
I was sitting at my desk having my Bible reading and prayer time with the Lord and I sensed the Lord telling me to be still, so I obeyed. As I sat there waiting on God, my soul was flooded with joy. God began showing me all that was going on in the church at Oakland.
       I thought about Sunday, how good Kitty and Bubba did with their special and how “Altared Praise” led us in worship to our King. I thought of each of our teachers and how faithful they are to study and teach each week. Our deacons are faithful to serve. Thanks to Karan for leading our women blessing women’s ministry. A big thanks to the crew that comes to mow the grass each week. There’s the ushers, the counters and those that serve in the kitchen, thanks for what you do. How about the Live Nativity, Thanks to Mary and Nita and all that participate to make it an event that people remember. Then we have ministries and events such as Children’s Church, Fall festival, Easter egg hunt, Back to school bash, Awana, Family day, Fish Fry’s. Steak Dinners, Homecoming and many more! A great big thanks to Glenn Dalton for the endless hours you have given to bring Oakland into the 21st century. I know I’m leaving things and people out, not meaning to, but thanks to every person who serves and prays.
Listen, there is so much more. Our children’s choir is starting back up, September 9 during the evening service. It is going to be great. Thanks to Debbie Bennett and David England. Our mission team is hard at work on researching how we can be more effective in our community. Thanks Pete. God is sending us some valuable people with great skills and talent. See what being still will do.. To God be the Glory. Thank you God!
Serving the Savior,
Pastor Mike