From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Pastor Appreciation

by Pastor Mike Winfree on November 1, 2015
Dear Church Family,
       Thank you for your generosity, cards, letters, kind words, food, fellowship and most of all, the love you showed Jane and myself on our Fifth Anniversary at Oakland and for Pastor Appreciation.  You are a great body of believers and we love you all.  It is truly our privilege to serve along side you.  The Lord has showed His grace on us these last five years.
       As good as those years were, I’m looking for greater things in the next five years.  I want to see that new building up and filled.  I want to see more souls saved and God’s saints continuing to grow in the Lord.  I want to see and experience revival.  I want to see God honored and glorified through this body.
In order for us to get the monies we need from the lending company, they are telling us that our general offerings must increase.  We need to take in $53,000 over the next two months.  Those of us who give will need to increase our giving.  Those of you who have not been giving, please begin to give.  If we do not do this, it will mean a delay in the start of construction.  We are going to build a building, but it is up to us as to when it will be built.
Revival meetings begin November 1.  Let’s do everything we can to be here for each service.  Randy Mullinax is full of energy.  He will be a blessing to us.  Invite lost friends and family to come and hear him.  See you Sunday in Sunday School and Worship.

Serving the Savior, 
Pastor Mike