From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Phase 3

by Mike Winfree on August 5, 2020

Dear Church,


The plan for August was to move into phase 3 of reopening. However, due to the increase in Covid-19, we have decided to wait to tentatively open up Awana and our Sunday night service until the Sunday after Labor Day, Sunday, September 13. This plan depends on how things are going with Covid-19 at that time.

I want to thank all who have come back to worship in house. It has been good to worship together. One thing is for sure, “we don’t know what a day will bring forth,” Talking with God and walking with God is the key to being ready. Our prayer study on Wednesdays is proving to be successful. After only 2 weeks reports of people praying more and more effectively are coming in. We would love for you to be here on Wednesday nights but if you can’t, we are live streaming on YouTube on our channel “oaklandwr”. The Sunday study of Abraham’s life is one we all should learn from as we see him going from someone who was lost and believed in the One True God to now learning what it is to walk by faith and not by sight.

I know you know that our nation is in a mess. I hope you have been praying for God’s mercy. We don’t need him to work because we deserve it, because as a nation we don’t deserve it. We deserve his wrath. As believers we have His ear. He tells us in His Word that He hears us when we call upon Him. Are you praying for the upcoming election? Are you praying for our leaders? Are you praying for the Covid vaccine? Are you praying for the church? Are you praying for lost souls that need to be saved? Many needs requires much prayer. Let’s be intercessors in these days.


Serving the Savior,

Pastor Mike