From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor



by Pastor Mike Winfree on March 1, 2015
Dear Church Family,
        The Pastor’s Prayer Ministry launched with forty-plus people participating in praying every day for me and my family and all the ministries in the church as well as the lost by name.  On Tuesday nights at 6:00pm, people are gathering to pray. We pray until the Lord is through with us.  The numbers in attendance have been increasing.  As a result of the increased prayer activity, almost instantly things began to happen.  Our visitors on Sunday morning increased, people have been joining the church, the music has been glorious, I have more freedom in the pulpit, people have been sharing their faith and the Gospel more.  There is a spiritual excitement that is catching.  People are coming looking for what God might do next.  All I can say is: “Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!”  I believe all this is NOT of man, but of God.
On March 15, we will have High Attendance in Sunday School.  We could put a number on it, but I believe if we each work hard to bring one, the numbers will take care of themselves.  We will baptize three that Sunday.  If you haven’t been baptized, this would be a great time to do it.  Let us know if you would like to.
Starting now, you will begin to hear more and more about our building campaign and on April 18 we will have a Building Campaign Banquet.  It will be a time of inspiration and commitment.  Would you begin to pray about how much you can sacrificially commit to the Building Campaign.  This is a God-sized project and will take a God-sized commitment.  Folks, this building is not an option.  It is a must.  We need it desperately.  Let’s pray much, seek God, and let’s join together to see this through.

Serving the Savior,
Pastor Mike