From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


Sunday School

by Pastor Mike Winfree on September 7, 2015
 Dear Church Family,

        When you hear the words “Sunday School”, what comes to mind?  I’ve received many different answers such as:  exciting, boring, crowded, the best thing going, love it, hate it, can’t wait to come back, great teaching, boring teacher, great fellowship, friendships, where I was saved, where God called me to teach.  You might even want to add to the list.
        Our church is participating in an eleven month training to help get our Sunday School where it needs to be.  Surveys have been done on churches that are growing and the results were that the Sunday School was the key to their growth.  The Sunday Schools were organized and functioning well at every turn.  The teachers were team players, willing to do what was necessary for growth.  They led by example.  The talked it up in class.  Their classes had prayer leaders, fellowship leaders, group leaders and prospects they were contacting regularly.  They had a heart to reach people.  Each class set goals and they worked hard to reach those goals.  Growing Sunday Schools start new classes, which means people are volunteering to teach or to grow with a new teacher to help get the new class started.
I recently went through the rolls and discovered that we have 177 people who attend Sunday School, however, not on every Sunday.  With a little encouragement and effort, I believe we could average more each Sunday.
        We are having High Attendance Sunday in Sunday School on September 13.  I believe we could easily have 150 in Sunday School that day.  If we all show up and bring someone with us, who knows how many we could have!  See you Sunday with a Bible in your hand a smile on your face.

Serving the Savior,
Pastor Mike