From the Pastor's Desk

Mike Winfree, Pastor


The last 6 months

by Pastor Mike on May 1, 2011

Dear Church Family,

   On May 7, I will have been at Oakland for 6 months. The old saying, "Time flies when you're having fun," comes to mind. These past 6 months have been great joy.

   We have made several changes and added an outreach program called G.R.O.W. , which is going unbelievably well. We have made 350 contacts already. Every week we are seeing new visitors come to Sunday School and Worship. Sunday School attendance is up! Worship attendance is up, especially Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.

   Although the Lord is blessing in many areas, let me remind you that our work together has just begun. Much planning is going on behind the scenes with individuals and with various groups. A lot of evaluations are being done. People have asked, "How can I help?"

   You can PRAY...Pray for God's wisdom and God's protection because the devil sure doesn't want to see Oakland Baptist Church on fire for Jesus. Pray for God's provisions. If you believe in what God is doing here, then give to support the ministries. The world's economy is bad, but God's economy is not. We cannot out give Him.

   Lastly, be faithful. Is is very easy to say things are going good and sit back and relax, but now is the time to be engaged. Be active. Be here every time the doors are open. Give like your life depended on it, not just money, but time and talent. Let's be active and let's believe God!


In His Service,

Pastor Mike